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In addition to utilizing a satellite flight tracking system to determine when flights have landed, GNT Limousine Service operates on a two-call system for facilitating arrivals. Once our clients have deplaned, we ask that they:

  1. Place 1st call to GNT indicating that you have arrived and you are off of the plane:

    • From cell phone, call (847) 304-4066, (847) 854-4060, or (815) 455-4060
    • From airport pay phone: (800)244-4060. Note: This number works only from out of state or from a local airport pay phone. Any of our local numbers (listed above) can be used from a cell phone.

  2. Our customer service representative will confirm the order, acknowledge the client's arrival and ask if they need to collect luggage. If the client has carry-on luggage only, a dispatcher will initiate the pick-up procedure. If luggage is yet to be collected, the client will be directed to baggage claim and asked to place their 2nd call once they have obtained their luggage.

  3. Once luggage has been obtained and the 2nd call placed, the dispatcher will initiate the following pick-up procedure by instructing the client:

    • Which door number to exit and meet their chauffeur
    • Car type, color and car # (located on yellow GNT sign located passenger side windshield)
    • Their chauffeur's name and the approximate arrival time to the door
    • All meets will take place in the center lane (prearranged pick-up) unless otherwise directed.
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