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According to AAA, nearly 35 million people will hit the road for Independence Day travel this week. Whether you’re planning a quick getaway or a cross-country adventure, these road trip tips will prep you for a carefree escape:

1. Try a travel app

There’s an app for that: Download navigation and restaurant locator apps in advance of your trip so you don’t get into a jam down the road. Taking the scenic route? Try an app to help you find tourist attractions off the beaten path.

2. Map it

Depending on where your travels take you, Wi-Fi can be spotty. Don’t forget to bring a good old fashioned paper map - just in case!

3. Pack snacks

Bring protein packed snacks, like trail mix, to curb the munchies. Pack plenty of bottled water to keep hydrated.

4. Bring sunnies and SPF

Believe it or not, you could get a sunburn through your car windows. Protect yourself against the rays by packing sunnies and plenty of SPF.

5. Rock on

Create an upbeat travel playlist to set the tone for your trip and help pass the time.

6. Plan Travel-tainment

Make your getaway all about the destination AND the trip. Plan travel-tainment to keep you, and especially the little ones, entertained along the way. Download good old fashioned travel games, and quiet toys to keep them occupied. If possible, pack a separate backpack for each child to help curb close-quarters bickering. If your car has an entertainment package (like all of our stretch vehicles do!), pack DVDs to help time pass quickly.

7. Be prepared

Chris Hickman from Platinum Automotive in Lake In The Hills recommends taking your car in for an inspection and completing routine maintenance before your travel. “Just a few weeks ago one of my customers got stranded on vacation because they were low on coolant and the car overheated - something we would have caught during a routine oil change,” said Chris. In addition to maintenance, Chris recommends packing an emergency car kit for on-the-road emergencies. He likes Bridgestone auto emergency kit, currently available at Costco. 

8. Bring backup battery power

Don’t be caught in an emergency without your cell phone. Keep backup chargers for your phone and camera at all times.

9. Play by the (road) rules

This one goes without saying, but safety first! Brush up on the travel laws at your destination and play by the rules. One traffic ticket can destroy your mood (and vacation budget).

10. Outsource

Of course, you could outsource your road trip travel and leave the driving to us! With built-in flat screen televisions, DVD players, beverage coolers and plenty of space, let GNT take the stress out of your next getaway.

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